Kez Sherwood Studio

 Kez Sherwood is a West Coast multidisciplinary designer/artist living and playing in B.C., Canada


 Kez Sherwood is a West Coast multidisciplinary designer/maker/artist living and playing in B.C., Canada



Kez is an original Prairie woman, now living in Port Alberni, B.C. 

Early on, the wide-open spaces, endless sky and lush hayfields of her grandparent's rural Alberta farm captured Kez’s imagination. Today she is deeply inspired by the natural world, fine arts, modern design and experimental processes. 

Pacific Northwest

Kez has lived on the West Coast of B.C. for over 20 years and enjoys all outdoor adventures and activities with family, friends and community. Much of her work is informed by the natural beauty and abundance of her wild surroundings.


Kez discovered the world of art and design at Alternative High School in Calgary, AB. Since then she has embraced a multidisciplinary lifestyle, exploring sculpture, metal work, ceramics, design and multi-media. Her training is a mix of self-teachings, courses, conferences, mentors and workshops. Successfully running her own business and investing in specialized equipment adds to her experience. 

ox + monkey design & fabrication

Kez was a founding partner in ox + monkey, a Gibsons, B.C.-based design and fabrication company (2010-2016), that crafted high quality custom aluminum projects such as professional artist frames, furniture, indoor and outdoor installations and prototypes. Her roles included design, metal finishing, digital fabrication, business, marketing, communications and project/ product management.


2017/2018 FILM: Iatse 891 Lighting Basic Training/ Lighting Technician Training for Film with John Helme - North Island College (4 weeks) / MPIO/ WHMIS / MP Safety Awareness / TCP /  Fall Protection / Aerial Platform/ OCP First Aid Lvl 1

2017 - Tig Welding Intro – BCIT

2010 - Present - Metal finishing, digital fabrication, design. Self Directed, Project & Client Based

2016 - Emily Carr - Metal Shop
Metal Sculpture Open Studio
Metal Sculpture Intro – Emily Carr

2013-2015 - Emily Carr – 3D Design
Basics of Architectural Design
Architectural Modeling
Drawing for Design
The Business of Design Practice

2013 - Rhino 3D Modeling Level 1 – Hydraulic Design

2013/2011 - Adobe Creative Suite CS5 (InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop) – VIU and Emily Carr

2012 - 6 courses in Business Basics – Small Business BC

2011 - Tile & Architectural Ceramics Conference in Seattle, WA.

2008 - Interior Design Intro – BCIT

2004 - Web Technologies – BCIT

1998 - Self Employed Business Program

Artist Statement

My work comprises both design and fine art, of which I am equally attracted to and passionate about. 

I am driven by a multidisciplinary process: employing artistic inspiration to create pieces, design to complete an installation, and craft to create components of an art work. When designing a piece for fabrication, I also strive to maintain a fine craft quality while making gains for small maker runs. 

I utilize cross training in everything I create. Learning fabrication techniques has increased my understanding and sustainability when designing. My fine art side keeps ideas flowing and encourages me to break out of the box. My craft side is invaluable for establishing technique and growth. And my graphics training enables me to create savvy presentation for my works. 

In ceramics I embody an even deeper exploration while pushing boundaries. I have investigated hand-building, sculpture, screen printing tiles, slip casting, mold making and “texture hunting” where I take castings in nature with clay to cast in plaster at the studio. 

I'm also fascinated by the presence of energy as created when clothing is designed and worn, originally inspired by the “30 Years of Japanese Fashion” exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum. 

Sometimes the universe changes every single thing in your life. This has been my recent experience and I believe the message is that I’m on new path – the right path – and for valid reasons. In order to be a fully 

reconciled person and build a happy, contented life, I simply need to create. For me, a life without creativity is like being frozen under ice. 

So, what am I? What does a cross-breed multi-disciplinary creator call herself? We live in an amazing time of technological advances for artists and designers, paired with a movement that harkens back to Arts & Crafts. So, perhaps R. Buckminster Fuller says it best: 

“I live on Earth at present, and I don’t know what I am. I know that I am not a category. I am not a thing — a noun. I seem to be a verb, an evolutionary process – an integral function of the universe.” 

Kez Sherwood, Port Alberni, B.C.