Kez Sherwood is a West Coast multidisciplinary designer/artist living and playing in B.C., Canada

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Coast Modern Design Show

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Starting in 2014 Kez proposed, herded and organized a submission for the Coast Modern Design Show at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery.  It was the first show of it's kind that brought together design talent on the Sunshine Coast.

The Coast Modern Design exhibit at the Gibsons Public Art Gallery presents an exciting mix of product, textile and graphic design by contemporary designers who explore, problem-solve, and create within a unique coastal milieux. From minimalist to functional, technological, rustic, serious and playful, our collective work addresses design in as much diversity as our individual experiences of our coastal habitat. We invite you to join us for Coast Modern Design and to experience our locale through the unique approaches and vocabulary of each designer.

April 30 – May 24, 2015

May 2, 2015
6-8 pm

Gibsons Public Art Gallery
431 Marine Drive
Gibsons, BC

Open Thursday—Monday

Arceo, Edmund (ZOOM magazine)

Army of Evil Robots (Derek Anderson and Helen Platt)

Buck, Sandy (Deer Crossing Art Farm)

Dobson, Dwayne (Combine Design)

Enga, Bjorn (Kranked Bikes)

Epp, Amelia

Gillingham, Sara

Hildebrand, Meghan

Konzuk, Karen (KON ZUK)

McFerrin, Riley (Hinterland)

ox + monkey (Kez Sherwood + Jeremy Clement)

Ruinat, Julien (La Cote Concrete)

this is it (Robert Studer + Beth Hawthorn)

Weir, Wendy (Libre Tea)

Torrance, Kenny (Barter)