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 Kez Sherwood is a West Coast multidisciplinary designer/artist living and playing in B.C., Canada


Summer 2018 - My year in Tuscany, BC

AdventuresKez Sherwood

Moving forward... Some people go to Tuscany to find themselves after a big life change, I moved to Port Alberni! After spending the last year living and exploring the Alberni Valley as well as beginning film work here and on the Mainland, I have decided to move to Vancouver.

I have put my house on the market and have applied to live and work at the ARC Studios. I look forward to being surrounded by a creative community.

My goal is to pursue a production run of the SOAK with a new partner and vendors on the Lower Mainland as well as a new series of metal sculpture aimed to be shown in public/ commercial spaces. My new work in film is on-going with more opportunities available in Vancouver.

I feel grateful and honoured to have lived in such a great house this past year, to have met so many salt of the earth people and for adventures with friends new and old.

This old house was built in 1935, over the past year I removed much carpet, painted the upstairs, downstairs bathroom and added some personal touches. I had many more plans for it but decided that I need to invest the time and money in my career. Maybe I'll get a cabin in the future with a new tiny home and workshop ;)

See you in Vancouver!


New City, New Chapter

AdventuresKez Sherwood

This Spring I moved to Port Alberni, BC on Vancouver Island. After 16 years on the Sunshine Coast and the last 6 years of building the company ox + monkey, a design & fabrication metal shop, my partnership ended. 

The people of Port Alberni have been welcoming and friendly, the outdoor recreation opportunities are endless. There is so much to learn about the area, different cultures, arts, history. Community events will keep me more than busy.  Being so central it's only a 1-3 hour drive to many new adventures, as you can see in the photos I'm taking advantage and inspired! 

Needless to say I miss my former community dearly. Fortunately my transition has been eased by reflection, observation & the support of good friends who live here and some cherished visits.

I'm slowly settling into my house but building my practice up again has to come first. I look forward to sharing house before and after photos down the road!